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Paper Selection

Paper has always played such important role in defining L'escargot Papier's sketchbooks. Through the years making sketchbooks and journals I've learned to deeply appreciate different types of paper. After many discussions with artists and other customers I’ve chosen five specific types that balance artistic needs, durability and price:

- Arches Art 100% cotton, 300gsm (140lb) rough or cold press finished;

- Shizen professional grade 300gsm (140lb) acid free handmade rag paper, 100% recycled post consumer waste;

- Fabriano Studio 25% cotton 300gsm (140lb) watercolor paper;

- Canson 185gsm (90lb) watercolor paper and;

- Strathmore 200 series 104gsm (64lb) drawing paper.

Arches, Shizen and Fabriano are all professional grade watercolor paper and ideal for heavy washed watercoloring. Fabriano tends to be more economical, while Arches and Shizen can be pricey in larger quantity. Canson is often the most affordable option for starting watercolorists and light washed watercoloring. If watercoloring is not your preferred form of media, Strathmore offers great surface and texture for pencil drawing and sketching. I usually use it to fill writing journals as well, because its durability and thickness preventing ink bleeding and it provides a very nice writing surface.

I can usually special order and bind your favorite papers, but please contact me first for pricing as sizing can be somewhat complicated.