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Journal-Maker. Randomness.

Currently based in Berkeley California, L’escargot was first born Hanoi, Vietnam, as a small shop selling cute, fun socks. Little did I know, when I started making small notebooks out of the leftover craft paper used to wrap the socks, how much I would like working with paper.

Creating notebooks and the joy of achieving perfect, finished products, started to become my main preoccupation and L’escargot Papier emerged as an outlet for my paper creativity in 2017. Over the years, though trial and error with book binding, and experiments with different types of paper, I have honed my notebook making skills.  I can now create charming notebooks and sketchbooks from scratch, or salvage damaged hardcovers and re-use them, to create one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly sketchbooks.

I also picked up a hobby collecting vintage books from the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. I am proud of my growing, lovely, vintage book collection.  Any extra copies get put up on the shop for sale.  So, keep an eye out, as I hope you love them too.

I like to chat about books, do custom orders, and lately, I have begun to research and acquire new skills in book restoration.  So, send me a message and we can keep the conversation going.